About Us


From Our Director - Nick Davey 

I first discovered Paleo in 2010, it changed my life. I had always had trouble with indigestion and  keeping my weight stable, even building muscle, as soon as I read the Paleo philosophy, it just  made sense to me. Since applying myself to a paleo lifestyle (except for the occasional pizza and beer, haha), I have never felt better, or been in better shape. 

I love it when people at a dinner party ask what I can and can’t eat, I simply reply, “I can eat food”, not something concocted by a mad scientist in a lab. 

It’s not hard to see that our current ‘modern’ diets are making us all sick, the closest to our Paleo selves we can be, the better we are. I don’t just mean food either, hiking up a mountain, swimming in the ocean, sitting around the camp fire telling stories, switching off that screen, these are the things that make us happy, that provide fulfillment, and ultimately, happiness. That’s what it says on the bag “it’s not a diet, it’s a lifestyle”.”


Growing up in Australia, Nick started his first company at 8 years old - SCS (senior citizens service). An entrepreneur and health enthusiast from a young age, Nick always dreamt of moving to ‘the big smoke’ (the USA) and starting his own lifestyle brand. Nick took the plunge and moved to the US at 24, knowing nobody, leaving his best mate in Australia (his Australian Shepherd), and living off his meager college savings. Nick worked hard, saved his money, made sacrifices, (not going home and seeing friends, family, and his best mate for six years), Nick finally pooled his resources to start Paleo hero USA in 2014


We believe that the average consumer has been lied to. From new 'fad diets' to the serious impact that artificial ingredients can have on our bodies. 

It seems every day new research demonstrates yet another product or ingredient is shown to contribute to poor health outcomes, and at times, serious illness. 

By alleviating most factory processes, additives and artificial ingredients, we can effectively return our diet to what nature intended.


To support people to perform at their best with the addition of high quality, healthy and tasty foods. Being proactive about your health and wellbeing is largely as simple as being conscientious about what you eat. 

The benefits of simple changes and additions to your diet are wide-ranging; increased energy and physical performance, high nutrition levels in the body, sustained endurance, concentration, mental clarity and overall daily health.  

Our mission is to provide the very best Paleo Products in the USA; helping you to maintain a lean, healthy and strong Paleo lifestyle.


100% PALEO, All Natural, Gluten Free, Preservative Free.